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"Another day of Sun" from La la land for Big band. Enjoy!

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Live and let die - Paul McCartney - Brass Quintet

Georgia on my mind
- a wonderful song. Finished some arrangements. Buy here

Grown up Christmas List - Michael Buble Style

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Mary, did you know? - Pentatonix Style

"Lovely arrangement of a lovely tune. Keeps every player busy throughout with interesting lines of music."

This is a delightful arrangement. I especially like the 3/8 section.

December 26, 2017

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Mary, did you know? - Pentatonix Style

"Lovely arrangement of a lovely tune. Keeps every player busy throughout with interesting lines of music."
December 26, 2017

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Sleigh Ride - Easy Swing

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Testimonials and feedbacks:


Turkish March

This is a delightful arrangement. I especially like the 3/8 section.

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Halleluja - sophisticated arrangement of Cohen's Classic - Clarinet Quintet

Februar 07, 2017
A Canadian classic done well

Interesting arrangement, works well with good high school players. Bass clarinet down to low D. Excellent choice for concert program.

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Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton - String Trio

August 26, 2017

Great arrangement and sight-readable

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Thank you for the music - ABBA - Saxophone Quartet

August 18, 2017
A simple and beautiful arrangement

This arrangement can bee used for outside or inside playing. Very melodic and comforting harmonies. True to the original, flowing and graceful.

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Libertango (shorter version) - Astor Piazolla - Tango Nuevo - Clarinet Quartet

August 11, 2017
Tango to Go

Good arrangement of a Piazzolla Tango. We will have to do some work to get it to performance quality but the piece really gives the tango feel and is enjoyable to play.

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Yellow Bird - Haitian Folk Song - Calypso - String Orchestra

März 05, 2017
Fun Piece of Music

Our quasi intermediate level quartet loves this song. You just have to feel the music and not get bogged down with counting everything. I confess, we play the 1st half twice and end before the key change. Not a difficult change but it was an easy option for us. So...

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The House of the Rising Sun - Clarinet Quintet

April 24, 2016
Just have to share....

Clarinet Fusion, a San Francisco Bay Area clarinet choir, performed your clarinet quintet version of The House of the Rising Sun at a private dinner for 100 military veterans a few days back. As we begin playing your arrangement, the dinner guests suddenly became quiet and all eyes and ears were tuned in to us. They loved this piece! The arrangement you wrote sat very well for our 9 clarinetists and instrumentation for this piece of Bb clarinet 1-4, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, and contrabass clarinet (on the bass clarinet part). Thanks so much for your wonderful rendition! I will be watching to see if you write more arrangements for clarinet quintet/clarinet ensemble of rock music that was popular in the 60's/early 70's, as we have an audience that is asking for more of it...

Karyn Weber, Founder, Clarinet Fusion www.clarinetfusion.org

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Oh Christmas tree ( Oh Tannenbaum ) - Funky - Brass Quintet

November 11, 2015
Great stuff

We are preparing our new program and found that funky arrangement, great luck for us! Looking forward for the first gigs, this song will catch the audience!

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Oh Christmas tree ( Oh Tannenbaum ) - Funky - Brass Quintet

November 11, 2015
Great stuff

We are preparing our new program and found that funky arrangement, great luck for us! Looking forward for the first gigs, this song will catch the audience!

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Yellow Bird - Haitian Folk Song - Calypso - Clarinet Quartet

Oktober 30, 2015
Great Arrangement

Fun arrangement for clarinet quartet. Very enjoyable harmonies with some movement of melody to different voices in the quartet. The digital download process went very smoothly. I highly recommend this arrangement.

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Solang der alte Peter – Oktoberfest – Munich City anthem - Saxophone Quartet

Oktober 18, 2015
Oktoberfest favorite

Nicely written and captures the sound that I envision as Oktoberfest, with a sentimental waltz and that Ooompah feel. Mr Graf doesn't disappoint writing in an intermediate grade and filling the song with warmth.

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Wir sind allerbester Laune (Sax 4tet)

Oktober 13, 2015
A happy song

This is a joyous song of light hearted fun. We played this at our Oktoberfest family outing and it fit right in. The title says it all.

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El Condor pasa - Peruvian Folk Song - Saxophone Quartet

Oktober 12, 2015
exceeded expectations

Again, suggested Mr Graf arrange a version for quartet. within hours it seems , maybe it was a day or so, out comes this splendid rendition of an old familiar tune but with elegance and textures I wasn't expecting. Good control and dynamic expression and this tune satisfies in many...

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Sloop John B. - Saxophone Quartet

Oktober 10, 2015
who knew it could sound so good

A delightful rendition of one of my favorite tunes. How you can respond so quickly is remarkable with such high quality arrangements. I love everything about how this came out especially that it contains bass sax parts.

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Who's got the blues - Brass Quintet

Mai 16, 2015
Introduction to Swing Rhythms

I work with a brass quintet I formed at the local high school, and one of the things my kids struggle with is reading and interpreting swing rhythms. I have tried different ways to get them used to them, including playing scales in swing. When it comes to actually playing them in the setting of an actual piece, they are still struggling. I was looking for something for them that would be within their skill level that would still be challenging enough to be instructive, and after listening to the sound clip, I knew I had found what I was looking for! This is a straight ahead arrangement that falls within the range of my players. The solos parts are written out and sound great! The arrangement is also good enough for more advanced level quintets to play during a program. I definitely recommend it!

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Solang der alte Peter – Oktoberfest – Munich City anthem - Brass Quintet

Mai 16, 2015
Fest Season in Germany

I ordered this piece for the high school brass quintet I formed. I was stationed in Germany in Heidelberg and I have played hundreds of fest tents, and this piece captures that feel very well. It is well arranged, and the only thing I would have done differently is simplify the scoring to make the repeat not so long by shortening the phrases and ending so it was not so taxing on the endurance of my trumpet players. The kids enjoy playing it, and that is what counts! The range of some of the instruments is why I would rate it higher than intermediate.

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New Releases

Ding dong merrily on high

The famous Christmas carol comes along as an easy and relaxed swinging song. It is the best choice for your upcoming Christmas concerts! Players and audience will love it! Enjoy!

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For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - Folk Song

The famous folk song is the best choice for any celebration party: Birthday, Wedding, Holiday, ….- This exceptional arrangement features all parts. I can be played by a small concert band as it consists of mainly of 5 melodic parts and rhythm. While beginning with a festive introduction it ends up with a melodic modulation: The best way, to say: “thank you” to a really “Jolly good fellow“! Players and audience will love it! Enjoy!

Oh Christmas tree (Oh Tannenbaum) - 2015/09

This is a funky-funny highlight of your Christmas concert. Based on the old German traditional song you have a groovy tune that will make your audience clap. Promised! And don ’t forget: Christmas is coming earlier than thought!

Rudolph the red nosed Rendeer

Swinging Rudolph is back in town! - Merry Christmas!

Yellow Bird (2015/06)

This is a groovy a polyphonic arrangement of the world famous Haitian folk song. Big fun to play!

Sheet music is availbale for:

El Condor Pasa (2015/05)

Simon & Garfunkel have made the famous Peruvian folk song popular. This concert piece will surely be a real highlight of your next concert!

Sloop John B.

The famous Bahamian folk song from Nassau has been made popular by the Beach Boys and entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart on April 2, 1966. This concert piece will surely be a real highlight of your next concert!

Mozart: Magic Flute

The famous march from Mozart's Magic Flute Opera, 28. Aufzug.




News & Highlights


Conducting a great Orchestra and cast at the Theater of Saarlouis - LEGALLY BLONDE!


The famous German Music Publishers Wertach are publishing my music from today!
We start with my arrangement of "Oh Happy Day" for Concert Band. Many other pieces will follow.

Der berühmte deutsche Musikverlag Wertach editiert ab heute meine Musik!
Wir starten mit meinem Arrangement von OH Happy Day für Blasorchester.
Viele weitere Stücke werden folgen.

HOLYDAY SAESON IS COMING SOoooooon! - be prepared!
Find many more songs on youtube

Great Interpretation of my song: It's up to you (to fall in love) ( Download score for free )
by Björn Federspiel (Trumpet) and his Big Band - DVD soon available.

Song of the month: D.J.s Dream
Samba for Big band - performed and recorded in Bonn/ Germany, by UBB Bonn in 2015
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Song of the month:Summer Sun Dance - Brass Quintet


Song of the month: Goodbye


Song of the month: It's up to you (to fall in love)


Song of the month: Fab' s final song - Big Band - Ballad


Song of the month: Salut Bayonne, Samba for Concert Band


Oh happy day - after all the requests we finally finished the arrangement for Concert Band.

Oh happy day - The famous gospel classic – here it comes in a fresh and festive arrangement. Big fun to play! And the best: Not difficult at all! This piece is a real must for all weddings, birthdays, partys …  - so it really is best choice for any happy days!   

The music arrangement features organ and one solo instrument. (Any transpositions are included). Background voices 2 and 3 are optional and could be played by any combination of instruments (all transposed keys are included and carefully adapted to the different instruments). Improvisation part is optional. Organ pedal could also be played by bass, any percussion instrument can be added as available. The most important will be the hand claps on the off beats - the audience will love it!

New pieces are online! - Check it Out!
  • It's up to you to fall in love - Jazz Big Band LISTEN
  • The house of the rising sun - many ensembles available LISTEN


New Series online! - Check it Out!

Preview the music:

"Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit" - The famous German folk song is available after so many requests.


Thomas H. Graf is a German composer, conductor, arranger and musician. Addicted to music since his very first days his recent work is focused on arranging and composing brass, wind and string music for many different ensembles i.e. Concert Band, Big Band, School Band and many different chamber ensembles. Lots of his compositions are played and released all over the world, from France to Brezil, from Germany to Australia. His profound knowledge of classical, folk and jazz music as well allows him to compose and arrange with a great variety of musical colors.
His professional experience includes also Musical, Cabaret and Circus. And that you can hear in his music. As a member of many ensembles. (Concert Jazz Band, International Dixie Tigers, UNI BB Bonn, …) he is performing in many countries, i.e Europe, US, UAE, … Thomas H. Graf has always an ear concerning questions to his music i.e. special requests for parts, custom arrangements… Keep on grooving!


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